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Going from Zero to One as a founder is hard. Congratulations! Now the hard part begins. Founders need to make the transition for 'product builders' to 'company builders.' This requires a very different set of skiils than they needed to found the company.

The program is an 'Executive MBA' for startup founders. Over the course of a year, participants gather for one weekend a month to receive training on topics such as:

  • Leadership

  • Development of Corporate Culture

  • Brand Development

  • Creating and Managing Global Sales Teams

  • Hiring, Firing and Human Performance Managemnt

  • Product Management

  • Operational and Financial Management

  • Board Management

  • Exit planning

As part of the program, each startup is partnered with an epxerience startup operator to be their Sensei as they make this transition.

The program is modeled on the 'Scale-Up' program of the Lazaridis Institute in Canads. The founders of the Dojo were instrumental in the initial design and execution of the program. The Lazaridis program is the most successful program in the world at the scale stage. Graduates of the program have raised over $1B USD in venture funding from top-tier investors such as Greylock, Kleiner Perkins and strategic corporate investors such as Nikon, BMW and IKEA.

Leadership for Scale

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