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This program is for individuals with the deisre to start a company, but don't know where to begin. The goal of the program is to give prospective founders the baseline mindset, knowledge and skills needed to start a company.

Participants in the program embark on a 3-week journey of self discovery. Through a a series of experiential learning activities they learn more about themselves, own mindset, the mindset of entrerpeneurship and the core skills needed to start a company. By the conlusion of the program, we expect the participants to have prototype of their product or service.

We are not expecting a company to be launched from the program, but rather that the participants have the right knowledge, mindset and skills needed to effectively build a startup - when they find the right opportunity in the future.

The program is built on the principles of the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship which is used at UC Berkeley and universities around the world to teach entrepreneurship. 

Innovation Leadership Bootcamp

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