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Sunil Ravipati


As an Architect/Sr. Director/Zero Trust leader at Elevance Health, a division of Carelon Digital Platforms, I lead the end-to-end platform and product delivery for predictive, proactive, and personalized health solutions. I leverage my expertise in cloud native, AI, and security to design and develop software with various programming languages and frameworks, and to ensure that all products and capabilities are integrated into a cohesive, interconnected, digital platform and operating system.

With over 15 years of experience in software development, engineering, and strategy, I have co-founded and advised several innovative companies in the fields of drones, space, and health. I am also a member of the CNCF Security Technical Advisory Group, where I contribute to the advancement of cloud native security best practices and standards. I am passionate about creating impactful and scalable solutions that will lower the costs of care, improve access to providers, and enhance stakeholder experiences.

Experienced Principal/Director with proven track record of successfully driving emerging products and services to market leadership. Specialized expertise in building cloud platforms and services, leveraging technologies such as machine learning, analytics, security platforms, system software, enterprise software, networking, servers, and large-scale data management across Windows and Linux environments. Demonstrate proficiency in multiple programming languages, showcasing comprehensive skill set for strategic leadership and innovation in technology-driven environments.

Industry Expertise

Logistics, Retail, Transportation, Knowledge Management, Healthcare, Cybersecurity

Sunil Ravipati
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