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Sajneta Salickram


Saj has followed her joys through a pretty unconventional path. She spends her time co-founding (@fridayfeels), consulting on revenue and partnership strategies (@sapphiregp), investing in real estate (@theavayagroup) and advising global women-led tech startups (@prospera women).

After graduating from NYU with a buttoned-up degree in Finance, she gravitated toward the ambiguous and exciting NY tech startup scene like a moth to a flame. She loved being in a fast-paced and innovative environment where all ideas were welcome, regardless of experience or job title.

She went on to build a career in business development and partnerships at tech startups like The Ladders,, The Data Incubator, The Alibaba Group, PartnerReady and Luno. She’s led partnership strategy across many fascinating industries and clients including e-commerce, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, real estate and tech.

Industry Expertise

Ecommerce, AI, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Regulated Markets, Business Development

Sajneta Salickram
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