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Quintin Au


I'm a full-stack growth marketer - I do my own data analysis (SQL) and I have 8 years of design experience (had to pay off uni bills somehow!). I prefer hands-on roles with 80% IC work and 20% people management.

✅ I make growth playbooks for DTC startups.
✅ I focus on revenue, systems, people, and process, not hacks.
✅ I've grown >$30M in value for brands and in the past 6 years.
✅ I love email, SMS, CRO, and referral marketing.

Tools of the trade:
✨ SQL - Data Analysis Language
🎨 Figma - Web Design/Email Design
📈 Amplitude - Funnel Analysis (website analytics)
💻 Looker - Data Visualization

📫 Salesforce, Autopilot, Braze, & Iterable - Email Service Provider
📱Twilio - SMS delivery
📨 Email On Acid - Spam Deliverability (pre-delivery)
🙅‍♀️ 250ok - Spam Deliverability (post-delivery)
👨‍🎨 Adobe Photoshop/Illustration/Indesign - Ad/Graphic Design
⚒ Asana - Task Management

Industry Expertise

Business Development, Enterprise Software, Social Media, Marketing, MarTech, Mobile Apps, Consumer Services, Ecommerce

Quintin Au
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