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Nish Nadaraja


Brand matters above all else, but I work on all aspects of the marketing puzzle (from high-level strategy to content creation to grassroots buzz marketing initiatives). My favorite areas, though, are community, brand evangelism, and customer loyalty.  While a lot of people know me for my work at Yelp, I learned a lot about influencer and lifestyle marketing from my time at Ammo Marketing.

I continue to advise and consult on projects big and small, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have debated going back to full-time on occasion. I'm also involved in a few restaurants in San Francisco (Foreign Cinema, Noosh, Blue Barn, Schroeders), and just might open my own one day.

Industry Expertise

Consumer Services, Food Delivery, Fast Moving Packaged Goods, Retail, Hospitality, Social Media, Marketing

Nish Nadaraja
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