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Mark Charkin


I work with founders as an advisor, coach or operator (Series A-C) to help build the commercial side of the business with a focus on business operations, customer success, BD/partnerships, international expansion, talent acquisition & monetization/sales. I've been a part of building 6 start-ups that were acquired in aggregate for over $7.5billion of value to shareholders. Bebo, King Digital/Candy Crush, Brightroll, ExchangeLab, Deep Forest Media & Jaunt VR.

As an operator I've built teams that have driven hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, and hired hundreds of people at hyper growth companies such as Bebo, King Digital (aka Candy Crush), and MSN as an operator and companies such as Jaunt VR, Snap, Onfido, Brightroll, and Endemol as a senior advisor / consultant. I am something of an international expansion expert, launching King Digital into the US, Brightroll into the UK, Snap into EMEA and ExchangleLab into the US.

Industry Expertise

AI, Telecomm, Networking, Knowledge Management, Business Development, Marketing

Mark Charkin
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