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Linda Ingroia


As Founder of HeadStrong Branding, Linda is an editor, brand development specialist, and communications coach. She helps entrepreneurs and companies shape and present their stories accurately, vividly, and persuasively, tailors and transforms messaging in every medium, whether it's in a 140-character social media post, investor pitch,digital product, website, 400-page book, or speech. Linda serves as editorial and strategic consultant for startups and established businesses in the food, health, and consumer business space--or anyone who needs help with business storytelling. Clients include Complex Media, FullyRaw Media, pregnantish Media, Solhaus, and NYC Department of Sanitation/Zero Waste program.

Industry Expertise

Hospitality, Knowledge Management, Healthcare, Consumer Services, Food Delivery, Telecomm, Business Development, Social Media, Marketing

Linda Ingroia
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