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John Linney


For most of his professional life, John has led and grown product teams to bring high-tech consumer products and services to market. His early career was in software engineering from where he progressed to leading product management for operating systems at Novell, to early social networking applications at NBX and CloudTalk. More recently, he built the marketing team that accelerated customer acquisition to bring SolarCity public. Since then he has helped other technology to consumer companies such as Yuneec (Drones), and Inboard (micro-mobility). When not helping companies with their marketing challenges, he is pursuing my other passions as a filmmaker and classic car enthusiast.Classic Motor Films tells the stories of classic cars and their owners with the goal of preserving important histories and making the enjoyment of classic vehicles more accessible. His work has won multiple awards and has been commissioned by Moss Motors and many owners.

Industry Expertise

Automotive, Renewable Energy, Social Media, Transportation, Mobile Apps

John Linney
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