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James V. Linden


Comprehensive Digital Advertising client support & partnership growth for several Fortune 500 companies’ mobile, search, social, email, display, and affiliate marketing including:
- Business partnership growth opportunities, tech and UI demo's, MSA & contract reviews and approval
- Weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings with clients to review reports, determine up-sell opportunities, and monitor/maintain client satisfaction
- Creation of client services newsletters, client satisfaction surveys, mid/post campaign reporting templates for teams to roll out to clients, product & engineering refinement to dashboards & applications
- Media Planning, Revenue forecasting, quarterly business reporting reviews, and ongoing management of $60M+ yearly global mobile, search engine and social media advertising campaigns (both SEO and SEM), shopping feed programs, display advertising, social media, and email advertising 

Certifications: Google Adwords, Yahoo Ambassador, Sempro Interactive Marketing Certification, and Imedia Search Engine Certified. Also attended Adtech in SF since 2001 and SES in San Jose since 2004
Presented at IAB creative roadshow 2012 and Phocus Wrighte event 2013

Industry Expertise

Ecommerce, Automotive, FinTech, Gaming, Telecomm

James V. Linden
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