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Farzad Ehsani


Farzad built and managed data science and product development teams for >15 years, and mentored them to create some of the most innovative technologies in their industries. He led the development of technologies that a Fortune 100 company acquired for $90 million, led the development of the industry’s first multi-modal AI, ASR, & NLP wellness app for >500K foods, which processes spoken language and estimates nutritional information with high accuracy. Farzad also managed the creation of pioneering speech translation technologies which the U.S. Army and several hospitals used to communicate with non-English speakers.

He built his own product development consulting business, which enabled clients in several industries (including machine learning and healthcare) to grow, and he successfully evangelized products at industry-wide conferences (including South by Southwest). Won >15 U.S. patents for technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, IoT, big data, predictive analytics, & deep learning algorithms and leveraged extensive travel in North America, Europe, Japan, China, India, Southeast Asia, and North Africa to understand different cultures and markets.

Industry Expertise

Travel, MedTech, Healthcare, Consumer Services

Farzad Ehsani
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