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Christine Volden

Mentor, Instructor

Christine Volden is the owner and founder of Soulful Selling and the author of  The Quiet Selling Method. Her online courses have been viewed by over 500,000 people and she is a frequent speaker on sales and entrepreneurship for women. After working in sales for over 15 years in advertising, she began working as a mentor with start up founders and entrepreneurs in the US and Internationally. Christine's Quiet Selling Method is a unique approach to sales that is designed specifically for women. It focuses on developing a mindset that embraces the joy of selling and teaches participants to sell in a way that feels authentic and genuine. The method is based on Christine's belief that sales should be a positive and fulfilling experience for both the seller and the buyer. She has worked with companies including LinkedIn, Hey Mama, GoTo, and LinkedIn and her work has been featured in Inc, Forbes and The Huffington Post.  She has been frequently featured by Salesforce as a small business leader and speaker at the international Dreamforce conference.

Industry Expertise

EdTech, AI, AdTech, Enterprise Software, Finance, Travel, Food Delivery

Christine Volden
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