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Ben Connors

Mentor, Instructor

Technology companies are always looking for ways to generate more revenue and profitable growth, while using fewer resources. I create profitable revenue growth and a healthy business ecosystem to exceed business goals efficiently. This derives from my strategizing new market opportunities, identifying and prioritizing go-to-market (including appropriate partners) to pursue these opportunities, creating dynamic business plans, then executing/managing for success.

I create this value by synergizing multiple diverse perspectives from inside the company as well as the entire business ecosystem. This methodology leverages my background in integrating creative strategy with tactical execution, business with technical considerations, multiple cross-functional objectives and constraints, and short-term with long-term goal achievement for mutual partner success. In addition to direct sales, I have created partnerships to generate millions of dollars in incremental revenue, spanning OEM, System Integrator, Reseller, and complementary product/service providers, from large companies to emerging technology providers .

Industry Expertise

Manufacturing, Enterprise Software, Logistics

Ben Connors
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